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'Runnable' - WIP teaser for this self-Directed, short documentary about whitewater paddleboarding.

Directing, Cinematography, Audio, Editing, Production.

'Collaborations' - Self Directed, short film with Alex Palmer.

Directing, Cinematography, Audio, Editing, Production.

Showreel example. Cinematography, Audio, Edit, Production

What we do

REJEAN x FORIJ (Scotredsign festival) film & edit

w/ After Effects Instagram advertisement on the left.

Audio recorded, edited and processed for a GSA student project.

Motion Graphic examples, designed in After Effects.  A learning outcome of online AE courses. 

Rejean x Alice Dansey-Wright advertisement campaign
Directed, shot and edited - 2020 

Visual test edit for a music video, nighttime test

Promotional edit for Corto.Alto headline show film and edit.

Blue Arrow Interview Series w/ Mateusz Sobieski

Audio, film and edit

Glasgow Jazz Festival Digital Edition. Blue Arrow sessions film and edit. Promotional advertisement edit for all sessions

Blue Arrow Interview Series w/ James Mackay

Audio, film and edit

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